Why was PCBDaddy created?

The founders of PCBDaddy often experienced frustration when they were trying to find a manufacturer that could produce their one-of-a-kind prototypes or small quantities of custom electronics.

They reached out to the wider electronics community and heard the same stories over and over again: Students, hobbyists, inventors, and entrepreneurs were often ignored or written off by the big electronics manufacturers because they were ‘not worth their time’.

Determined to right this wrong, the team banded their talents and resources together to create a marketplace where even the smallest electronics designer would have a voice.

Team meating
Our team

Who is PCBDaddy?

PCBDaddy is a group of dedicated electronics professionals with one goal: Put the power of custom electronics manufacturing into the hands of the people. The team has decades of experience with PCB layout, prototyping, electronics engineering, and mass production management. In short: They’re the right people for the job.

What are PCBDaddy’s main roles?

The team is split up into two important functions:

1. Manufacturer Vetting and Relations: Using their industry experience, this team can investigate manufacturers of all sizes to make sure they’re fit for purpose, and that they can deliver what they promise. These are the people who make sure that all of PCBDaddy’s vendors share their vision of bringing customs electronics manufacturing to the world, at reasonable prices, and with quality customer service.

2. Website Features and Support: This is the team who uses their knowledge of bespoke electronics manufacturing to help clients achieve their goals and realize their dreams. They create the features that make it easy for students, hobbyists, inventors, and entrepreneurs to reach out to manufacturers and get the best combination of lowest price and the highest quality. They also support clients who are having issues, make sure that the bid process is fair, and enforce the Buyer Protection guarantee.

Our goals
Waiting for feedback

What’s next for PCBDaddy?

Hey, we just got started! But it’s a fair question.

Our immediate goal is to listen to customer feedback so that we can fine-tune our tools to make the end-to-end process even faster and easier.

After that, we want to use our global reach to find manufacturers who are ‘well-kept secrets’ in the industry. The more options we can give our clients, the more powerful the PCBDaddy experience becomes.