Five-Figure Ads Budgets

We decided to create a place where manufacturers don’t need marketing. They don’t have to spend all their time finding new clients. Now there’s no need to maintain an expensive marketing team. Instead, they can focus on what they do best: Be great manufacturers.

Markting optimization

Marketing expenses

The electronics market is highly competitive. Manufacturers are forced to spend money on advertisements and have a digital marketing team. They’re constantly searching for new advertisement opportunities, creating marketing plans, and supporting existing channels. This results in higher prices across the board.

Budget increasing
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Save from 5% to 15%

Our unique system removes marketing costs from all services provided by manufacturers and as a result, they can achieve the lowest price to market. Depending on the manufacturer and their project types, the average savings are an impressive 5%-15%.

We boost small manufacturers

Many great small manufacturers simply can't afford to have marketing teams and ad budgets like the big-brand companies. As a result, some small manufacturers simply close their doors, never having a chance to provide their great products at competitive prices. At PCBDaddy we embrace such companies and give them the opportunity to become leaders in their field.

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