How to Get Protection

Protection conditions

Only Trusted Manufacturers

1. We take the vetting of our vendors very seriously. Their access to the platform is restricted until a member of our vetting team has confirmed that they have the manufacturing capabilities and experience that they claim.

2. Even after vetting, our vendors must offer reasonable prices that apply to the custom-manufactured electronics market: Their minimum order policy, customer satisfaction policies, and shipping standards must all remain in line with our seller philosophy guidelines.

Manufacturer verification
List of PCB mistakes

Our network of professionals, individuals, and corporate clients rely on PCBDaddy to help receive quality outputs with full peace of mind. Our platform operates with dedicated trust and safety checks to help protect every customer from any manufacturing mistakes, fake components, low-quality materials, fraud, and etc.

Keeping working relationships on the PCBDaddy platform is essential in order to maintain transparency, accurate information, payment protection, and dispute assistance.

Why I Can't Work Directly?

When relationships are moved outside of PCBDaddy - something called circumvention - it undermines user experiences, our ability to attract quality manufacturers and clients to create new opportunities and matches, and the strength of the marketplace as a whole. Because of this, circumvention is a serious violation of our Terms of Service and will result in loss of the ability to use the platform (account suspension).

On the platform, users lose trust through transparency. Any relationship taken outside of PCBDaddy will not result in client or manufacturer reviews, which provide valuable information to all platform users. It also impacts PCBDaddy’s algorithms, disrupting accuracy, and efficiency for everyone.

Blocked user

Protecting Orders is Our Top Priority

All of our manufacturers are vetted by our experienced staff before they’re allowed to respond to your proposals. We want to be sure that they can provide their services at reasonable prices. If for any reason they do not live up to their promises, our Buyer Protection team will be ready to assist you! 

For your convenience, we support payment methods that are appropriate for both individuals and small businesses: Major credit cards, Paypal, and bank transfers.

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