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Costs on electronics vary significantly based on country, labor costs, margins, raw materials, and dozens of other parameters. At PCBDaddy we save you time by sending deals from every manufacturer at once, and highlighting the most efficient and cost-effective proposals.
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How it Works

Bare bone PCB

Option 1 - Bare PCB

Bare PCBs are often used by engineers to save time and money at the prototyping stage. Most of the time, you can order and receive PCBs in the same week. That will let you quickly assemble and verify designs. At PCBDaddy you can order rigid (FR4), aluminum, polyamide flex, and many other types.

Option 2 - DIY Pack

No need to source and order every item separately, dealing with invoices and shipping from half a dozen different places. At the end of the day, you overpay for multiple deliveries. With the "DIY pack" option you can order PCBs, components, and stencils in one package. Save up to 40% of costs when consolidating all of the shipping!

PCBA option.png

Option 3 - Complete PCBA

When it comes to prototyping or production of complicated designs like HDI, the PCBA order option is best. In a few simple clicks, you’ll be able to make a detailed requirements post. Then you can sit back while qualified manufacturers prepare their best proposals for you. And remember: We don't have quantity limits!

Order Protection

One of the chief concerns that clients have is that they’re treated fairly. Here at PCBDaddy, we have a strict Buyer Protection policy aimed at empowering our clients. We don’t allow deceptive or predatory vendor practices here. That’s why our Buyer Protection team works tirelessly to make sure that even the smallest buyer has big-time protection!

If you feel like a manufacturer hasn’t lived up to their end of the bargain, that their responsiveness is unacceptable, or that their honesty is in question, we’re here for you! Our buyer protection policy means you have an experienced, knowledgeable ally on hand to help make things right.

Protection package

From Prototype to Mass Production

Every electronics design is different. During the development and design process, you might want to assemble prototypes yourself or order a complete assembly service for more complex designs. PCBDaddy is the only place to find that kind of versatility and freedom at reasonable prices.

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